Here's the reality

Unless your breast pump is comfortable, you’re not going to use it. Not only that, if you aren't comfortable while you're breastfeeding, your body won't respond and your milk supply will suffer.

There's only one problem...

Too many breastfeeding moms associate pumping with pain.

They just don’t have a category for pumping that’s comfortable - the way it needs to be, the way it should be, and the way you deserve it to be. After all, the more milk you express the more milk you make.

It all begins with a better understanding of your physiology.

Knowing how your body makes and releases milk is the first step.

Once you’ve learned to work with your body, everything - from that initial “let down” to stimulating it multiple times becomes more natural, and natural is comfortable!

But your questions don’t stop there, and that’s a good thing!  

You still want to know:

  • Will more suction produce more milk?
  • Is my breast pump producing enough suction? 
  • What role does oxytocin play in milk production or release?
  • How does feeling safe impact my ability to produce milk and express it?

These are the real-life worries and concerns moms like you have, and I’ll address each one (and so many more) throughout this webinar.



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